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Many pet owners are
unaware of pet insurance.

An accident can happen to the most careful
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Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

For most pet owners, the answer would be "Yes".

Pet DogThe big question everyone has about pet insurance, is it really worth it? The answer is, for many pet-loving people, yes. However, that is a question that only you, the pet owner can make the final determination.

It depends on the value you place on your pet and the amount you are willing to spend out of pocket for pet health care costs. You have to think about the other things you insure: your car, your home, maybe even your cell phone. Is pet insurance something that is important to you?

Pet Insurance and Travel

Traveling with your pet over the holidays.

One of the great benefits of nearly all pet insurance policies is you are covered on a trip just like you are at home. If you are traveling with your pet and an accident happens, you can visit the vet of your choice and submit a claim when you return home. Be sure to check your policy for details before you leave.

If you are going to travel by air and take your pet along, here are some tips make your trip as headache-free as possible.

What pet insurance is NOT...

It's important to know what pet insurance is not.

pet parent and pet

For example, it is not the same as human health insurance. Pet insurance is primarily a reimbursement type insurance policy. This has the advantage that you can select the veterinarian you want. Since the pet insurance company reimburses you, the veterinarian really has no involvement in the insurance.

Pet insurance in a recession?

Spending on pet insurance in a recession?

Pet KittenMany of those in economic circles have begun to utter the dreaded economic "r" word - recession. One of the causes of an economic recession is that consumers begin to spend less as a result of economic uncertainty. Sometimes as a result of this budget tightening, consumers will not spend money on things they still should consider.

Pet Insurance Pre-Certification

Important Facts About Pre-Certification

Pet DogPre-certification is an important consideration when selecting a pet insurance policy. Pre-certification is when a pet insurance company requires prior approval before they will pay benefits on a claim. Pre-certification has advantages and disadvantages.

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