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Traveling with your pet over the holidays.

One of the great benefits of nearly all pet insurance policies is you are covered on a trip just like you are at home. If you are traveling with your pet and an accident happens, you can visit the vet of your choice and submit a claim when you return home. Be sure to check your policy for details before you leave.

If you are going to travel by air and take your pet along, here are some tips make your trip as headache-free as possible.

Before the trip, talk with your vet and see if it may be appropriate to give your pet a sedative before heading to the airport. Follow the directions given by your vet carefully.

Make sure the pet crate you choose is sturdy and large enough for your pet. Choose a crate that has sturdy handles and a sturdy locking mechanism for the door. A good example of a good pet crate is the CompanionLife Imperia Plastic Crate shown below. It comes in 7 different sizes to fit any pet. Crates like these are currently on sale from MajorPet.Com. They meet the live animal regulations for air travel set by the International Air Transport Association.

Pet Crate

CompanionLife Imperia Plastic Crate

  • Meets live animal regulations for air travel set by the International Air Transport Association.
  • Crates have 3-4 ventilation inlets that allow for circulation of air.
  • Crates have rounded corners to help ensure the safety of your pet when inside and outside of the crate
  • All crates come with a free Cruzin' Cup to hold water or food for your pet

If possible, put some food and water in with your pet. You may also want to affix a small zip-top bag of food to the top of the crate. If your pet should happen to be seperated from your flight, that way there would be some food available to feed them.


Check with your airline and make sure you understand their pet policy. Airlines may charge different fees from one another for the carriage of pets. They may have requirements reguarding the pet crate you use as well as how early you need to check in your pet for the flight. Also, some airlines will not carry pets at certain times of the year so it pays to check ahead of time.

Ensure the pet crate you buy is sturdy. Shop around and spend a little extra to get a crate that isn't going to fall apart. It might be worth adding a little duct tape around the joints to add additional holding power. Make sure all fasteners are tight per the manufacturer.

Write your name and any appropriate contact information on the outside of the crate, in waterproof ink. You don't want your information to smear if the outside of the crate gets wet.

Depending on the temperature, it might be beneficial to add a little bedding to the inside of the crate to keep your pet comfortable. Check the instructions included with your pet crate for suggestions.

With a little planning and a sturdy pet crate, you can bring your pet along with you for the holidays.