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Pet insurance can be an invaluable benefit.

Over the last decade, veterinary care has improved greatly. New technology now allows pet health care that rivals human health care. Yet, fewer than 2% of households with pets have pet insurance. Here, you can take some of the mystery out of finding a good pet insurance policy.

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Cat on roofOur involvement in pet insurance happened very coincidently. Recently, the father of one of our webmasters lost his 12 year-old dog to cancer. There were some possible treatment options for the cancer, but the cost was so extreme that euthanasia was eventually chosen. Unfortunately, neither of them had heard about pet health insurance, which might have been a benefit in this instance.

In conducting further research on the internet, we found some sites that do have information about pet insurance companies. However, it seemed that it was hard to get a "bare-bones" explanation on what a consumer might be buying. Further, it was hard to tell facts that were and were not important to know when selecting a pet insurance policy.

Here, we are trying a different approach, we are focusing on a format of education and communication. Our goal is to explain terms and concepts found in typical policies. By doing this, the pet owner can make an educated decision as to the benefit of purchasing (or not purchasing) a pet insurance policy. As our site grows, our intent is to add articles that describe new advances in pet medical care that pet owners may not yet be aware of. As always, we intend to provide as much helpful and factual information as possible to our readers.

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